NZ Hubei Economy Trade Culture Association 新西兰湖北经济贸易文化协会

We provide a platform for governments, business and organizations of China and New Zealand to meet, network, exchange information, and work together in the field of economy, trade, technology and culture.

Organize activities of culture exchange, forum and seminar allow members and friends to help each other, share resources, enrich social life, enhance friendship and facilitate business development.

Play the advantages of overseas Chinese to carry out civil diplomacy; facilitate visiting delegations to and from China. Provide informative advice to business and communities with intent of cooperation.

Facilitate and accommodate visiting delegations to and from China; providing information to members, businesses and the local communities on potential areas for cooperation.

Our committee / 理事会

Dr Yafei Zhou President / 周亚非 博士 会长
Dr Gong Qin Executive Vice President / 秦工 博士 常务副会长
Mrs Yulan Liu Vice President / 刘玉兰 女士 副会长
Mr Yi Jiang Vice President / 姜翼 博士 副会长
Mr Zhuzhai Zhang Vice President / 张住宅 先生 副会长
Mrs Jessie Dong Vice President / 董茜 女士 副会长
Mrs Yang Qin Zhou Vice President / 秦阳 女士 副会长
Mrs Tina Zhang Vice President / 张语轩 女士 副会长
Mrs Hanhua Zhang President of Wellington Region / 张汉华 女士 惠灵顿分会 会长
Mrs Mei Ding President of Auckland Region / 丁梅 女士 奥克兰分会 会长
Mr Scott Zhang Committee Member of Auckland Region / 张亮 先生 奥克兰分会 理事
Mr Jian Li Secretary / 李健 先生 秘书
Mrs Michelle Fu Secretary / 付贺子 女士 秘书
Mrs Daphne Zhang Executive Committee Member / 张丹 女士 理事