Dr Yafei Zhou

Yafei Zhou obtained a Bachelor in 1982 and a Master’s degree in 1985 in electrical engineering in China, then worked in Wuhan High Voltage Research Institute till 1989. Supported by the scholarships from the University of Queensland, and Australia Electricity Supply Industry Research Board, he obtained his Ph.D. in 1994. In 1994 he joined Industrial Research Ltd in New Zealand, initiated the online PD measuring technique and used extensively for industries. He was a principal research scientist/engineer, projects and HV lab manager at IRL and has been an IANZ approved signatory. He established AP EnerTec Ltd in 2003, since 2006 he has been providing specialist services for industries in NZ and Australia.
Since he moved to NZ in 1994, Yafei actively engaged in many community activities that allowed him to mingle and help NZ Chinese, organized numerous social activities and events together with local Chinese communities and societies, in addition to his busy research profession and technical service. He became a board member of the NZ Chinese Hubei Association in 2003 and was the president of the Association during 2008 and Feb 2015. He has been a committee member of Christchurch China Sister City Committee since 2009. He has formed NZ Hubei Economy Trade Culture Association in 2015, to assist liaison and link the district, government, and communities between China and New Zealand, he received and hosted many delegations from China, attended many seminars, forums, and conferences held in China.