Gift face masks to pass the care from our association and Hubei government

In later May 2020, Hubei Provincial People’s Government of China gift 30,000 medical face masks to NZ Hubei Economic Trade Cultural Association, they finally arrived in Christchurch in August. The warmth and love of the motherland are all in it!

In order to make the customs clearance go smoothly, the executive president Dr Gong Qin of NZ Hubei Economic Trade Cultural Association, paid more than two thousand NZD for import GST for NZ customs clearance.

On 9th August, some NZ Chinese delegates and association members gathered together, received the masks, feeling the warmth, thanking the motherland, and obtained the positive strength to fight against Covid-19 virus!

YuLan Liu (right) the deputy president of our association hosted the meeting, Dr Yafei Zhou (middle), the president of the association made a speech, to express our appreciation to the care and love from the HuBei government and our motherland.

During the meeting, Tina Zhang Yuxuan sang an impromptu song to express her feelings

Mr Shan Jianning gifted his calligraphy in small letters generously.

Deputy president Yang Zhou (right) told everyone the stories and main activities of the association during the protection and fighting Covid-19 period:

(1) In February, a sudden Covid-19 ravaged Wuhan. Our association organized fundraising to help Wuhan fight the Covid-19 outbreak. Members of the association and Christchurch friends donated $11420 to one of the Hospital in Wuhan, also, association’s members in New Zealand, Beijing, Wuhan, Hunan, and Guilin organized purchasing a large number of medical protection materials for the prevention Covid-19 then donated to Wuhan to fight with the pandemic!

(2) In early April, co-organized with the Wuhan People’s Friendship with Foreign Countries Association: Online Art Exhibition. This large-scale online painting, calligraphy and poetry exhibition gathers excellent works by foreign calligraphy and painting masters and poets, and has been exhibited online on more than a dozen Chinese and foreign websites and WeChat platforms for more than a month;

(3) In early April, the house was isolated, and cities were locked down in NZ. the second half of the anti-epidemic battle was fought: Association members and friends living in different places of residence showed online rich and wonderful videos, audios, calligraphy, and painting works of art and photography. Everyone strictly quarantined their homes and took practical actions to stop the spread of the Covid-19 virus! In this extraordinary period, you can stay healthy, enjoy fun, experience, and exciting!

At the time of Aug, when the Covid-19 virus was spreading in the New Zealand community, the association distributed these loving face masks donated by the Hubei Provincial People’s Government to association’s members, delegates of Chinese New Zealanders, and some local organizations, organizations of the Christchurch city council and Waimakariri district council, and the associations, companies, schools, enterprise, and individuals whom supported and co-operated with our association in recent years, in a number of friendly exchange and culture exchange activities between NZ and China. Allowed face masks to convey the support and care of the Chinese government and our association, to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

Under the promotion of our association, Waimakariri and Enshi Prefecture, Hubei, established a sister city friendship four years ago.

The association gifted face masks to Mayor Dan Gordon (left 2) and Deputy Mayor Neville Atkinson (left 1). They will be distributed to food bank staff and community citizens who need masks to help prevent the Covid-19 epidemic.

The association gifted face masks to CALD Health Manager of Pegasus Health Canterbury/Christchurch (left). They will be distributed to migrants, families, and community citizens who need masks to help prevent the Covid-19 epidemic.

The association gifted face masks to the president of Christchurch NZ China Friendship Society and chair of Christchurch sister city committee Michelle MacWilliam (right 3). They will gift to Christchurch women and children migrants and refugees support group.

The association gifted face masks to consul Lu Yang (right) of the Consulate General of P R China in Christchurch.

The Deputy Mayor of Christchurch city council Andrew Turner and the representatives of all parties who received the face masks sent letters and emails to express their thanks toward our association!

The virus is ruthless, there is love in the world, the face masks from motherland warms people’s hearts, and everyone helps each other, to fight the Covid-19 virus outbreak!

With the joint efforts of humans, this battle of Covid-19 virus epidemic prevention and control will surely be won!

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