A Letter of Consolation

28 Jan 2020

A Letter of Consolation

Overseas Chinese Federation of Hubei and Wuhan:

The recent outbreak of new coronavirus pneumonia in China has affected the hearts of overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese as well as international friends. We have received the care and greetings of many friends from local and around the world!

Here, all members of the NZ Hubei Economic Trade Cultural Association hope to express our sincere consolation to the folks in Wuhan, Hubei, and to pass the care of the New Zealanders through you!

Our Association, like the Chinese and overseas Chinese from all over the world, responds to the initiative of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, actively donate through multiple channels, or contacts the supply of materials such as masks to do what we can for our home country and our hometown of Wuhan, Hubei.

At the same time, by using close ties with our relatives and friends in our hometown, we can learn first-hand and true information, and pass it to the media and friends in the place where they live, act the role media bridge.

The epidemic is ruthless but there is love in The World. Let love and strength be with the people of Wuhan! We believe that under the leadership of the Chinese government, and with the support of the people across the country, the new coronavirus will be controlled until it is eliminated!


All members of

NZ Hubei Economic Trade Cultural Association